TVworkshop is a teambuilding event company based in Singapore an operating throughout Asia and Europe. They are specialized in combining teambuilding activities with filmmaking. Either you want to introduce the new core values of your company, branding your new product or just do it for fun. These guys organize the most memorable custom made events for companies. Since everyone is looking for original event ideas, we wanted to share this engaging activity on our blog.

Imagine being a star in your own commercial, soap opera or action movie or work together with your colleagues creating your own film production. Acting, filming and directing or starring in front of the camera, everything is possible. The TVworkshop packages have roles for everyone! Professional videographers guide you through the process of filmmaking.

permanent Take a look at their YouTube channel or website for the TVworkshop team building concepts.
For more information: or give Emile Leus a direct call +6586484186.