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Beautiful instant prints to help create everlasting memory in your wedding.

Renting a wedding photo booth for your big day? Make this dream a reality with Instaroid instead, as it lets your guests roam free and capture all the beautiful moments. Talk about sweet envy.

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iPhone wedding couple
  • Capture special moments at different angle

    Instaroid technology puts the wedding photo booth in your guests’ hands, letting them take photos of the event with their mobile devices. Capture that perfect wedding kiss from all angles for a different magical feel.

  • Zero fuss on your big day.

    Instant access, no download needed, and one-click share buttons let your guests snap and share photos of your big event. Fully wireless, with no complex steps and connection, it lets everyone in on the fun, including those in their seventies. True story.

Wedding polaroids
  • Personal touches for all your guests.

    Customized photo stickers from happy snaps to charming printouts give your guests beautiful keepsakes of your big event – in your wedding scheme. A heartwarming twist to take-home memento.

  • Tailor to your wedding style.

    Event backdrops, signage, booth exterior, TV and projector screen tailor-made to your wedding plans, style and preferences. The way you want it.

  • Blissfully focus on the wedding.

    Onsite staff works around your wedding plan, nailing down painless setup for superb coordination and flow. Let everything fall in their natural places.

Check out the Instaroid printer in action at Kay & Rohit wedding

Make every memory at your wedding an everlasting one

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