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Creating successful social experiences at your clients’ events is both an art and science. You and we know that. That’s why we created Instaroid, the next-generation Instagram printer, to give you results that can wow your clients.

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  • Capture every moment at any angle.

    Instaroid technology puts the camera in your audiences’ hands. Let them take live photos of your branded event with their mobile devices for memories and online sharing.

  • Engage your audiences beyond an event's duration.

    Branded photo stickers with your logo and photos shared online become your audiences’ keepsakes of your event—and brand. Have them uniquely designed for bigger impact. If your brand stays in their sight, it stays in their minds.

  • Bring up excitement the real easy way.

    Creative contests, print credits and promotions will excite the event’s guests through the roof. They join by taking photos and sharing on social media. And Instaroid selects the winner. A fun and easy way to juice up the events and brighten your clients’ day.

  • Support all social media needs

    Instaroid boasts 10 printing and sharing options such as through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, LINE and email. Enhance the visibility of your client’s event across many social platforms or put the spotlight on a few for depth. It’s client and customer focus at its finest.

  • Ease of use for a smooth experience

    Instant access, no download needed, and one-click share buttons ease the experience in snapping and sharing photos. No more than 2.5 minutes from start to end. Plain simple. Get them talking about the event online and offline in no time.

  • Tailor to all event needs and sizes.

    Event backdrops, signage, TV and projector screen in different sizes and types are tailor-made to meet your event needs, creating synergy with your event props, schemes and designs. We also work around your production schedules to make your clients’ events a success.

  • Focus on what matters.

    Onsite staff and quick setup make this possible. Our experienced staff will see through the setup. Trust that we bring you the results you want.

  • Boost your marketing performance

    Our pre- and post-marketing support in the form of personalized email newsletters and more will get your audiences all hyped up. Reduce no-shows and brighten their moods to have them coming back for more, fully engaged.

  • Prove event success to your clients with our data

    Our event analytics dashboard delivers a KPI report you can present to your clients with chic. We’re that confident. So should you.

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10X the results to your clients' events

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